Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Never Forget

To live in the hearts of millions of Indians, is not to die...
...Dedicated to all the brave officers and soldiers who lost their lives fighting terrorists in Mumbai on 26/11 last year.

Angels Weep

A year after battling one of the most serious terror attacks in history, we are yet to take any concrete actions against those accused of this ghastly act. We have the resources, we have the man power, we have the faith to tackle terrorism. All that is needed is a change in our attitude. Let us not forgive and forget, let us stop moving on from every tragedy that befalls our Motherland, let us stop getting back to normal each time we loose so many of our countrymen...Let us for once stand up and reach out to one another in the face of terror, and let the world know that any act of terrorism shall not go unpunished in our country.

Hoping for a swift, just and sever judicial order against all those guilty for last year's massacre in Mumbai.