Friday, March 12, 2010

Of Men & Underwears

Last weekend an extremely random thought came into my head. The more I kept thinking about it the more sense it kept making and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. So here goes…

A good husband is like a good bra.     

That’s it! That is the brilliant random idea that flashed in my mind like a neon sign last Sunday.  Don’t think its true?  Think I’ve lost it completely? Don’t know what to think of it?… Read on to learn more about this yet another obscure analogy of mine.


1. Fitting Is Everything: A good bra is meant to accentuate a woman’s assets and hide her flaws (even though we’re flawless, most of the time at least). Similarly, a good husband is one who highlights his wife’s talents and conceals her shortcomings.  A good bra displays a woman’s well rounded curves, just like a good husband who can’t stop praising his wife’s well rounded personality (or bottom for that matter).


2. The Comfort Factor: A good bra is one that doesn’t restrict movement, is comfortable to wear and leaves room for growth. Similarly a good husband is one that supports his wife and encourages her to grow as a person without any restrictions.  Also, ever notice  how a good bra does not require constant adjusting of its straps? Likewise, a good husband too loves his wife for who she is without demanding her to make too many adjustments in her life post marriage.


3. The “Feel Good” Factor:  That elated feeling us ladies get when we finally manage to find the perfect bra, is kind of similar to the euphoric feeling we get when we finally know that he is the one. Also, wearing a pretty bra makes us feel feminine and lifts us up (pun intended of course). Similarly, a good husband also makes his wife feel attractive and uplifts her spirits every time she’s down.


4. Different Strokes For Different Folks: There can never be one “right” bra or husband to cater to all of  woman kind. It is essential to recognize that different women have different needs when it comes to bras and hubbies. For example, a younger girl might want  a cheap bra with diamante studded straps that looks good on a night out  just like how she’d want a dishy looking man as her arm candy for a few fun dates. ‘Long lasting’ might be the last thing on her mind while picking both her bra or man.  However, a more mature woman would want a fuss-free and a comfortable bra that sees her through a busy day just like how she’d want to be with a reliable man who sticks by her side through thick and thin. And even though it may be difficult for us women to put into words just what kind of a bra or a man we’re looking for…in our heart of hearts we know what we’re after and do not settle for anything short of it.


5. Easier Said Than Done: In matters of bras and husbands, it is way too difficult to identify and find ‘the one’. It can take quite a few trials and errors before one finds the perfect bra or the perfect man. Also, whilst most stores allow you to exchange your purchases, they tend to be strict when it comes to exchanging lingerie. Bras like husbands are intimate choices and it isn’t easy to swap either of them for something else once they’ve been chosen.  Therefore,  it is of utmost importance that we take our time, identify our needs, list out our options and choose wisely.


Every time I manage to find the perfect bra, I make sure to stock up on a couple of them just in case the brand discontinues its production. And, while I certainly wouldn’t recommend investing/stocking up on a couple of good husbands, I would definitely advise holding on *tightly* to your man once you’ve found your perfect fit.

– To my darling husband Bhavin, on our 1st Wedding Anniversary today,  I thank you for being my perfect bra! xo.


p.s : I love you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mum’s The Word

Today I am a proud mommy of a cute little boy that lives in Pune. Before any of you jump to all sorts of conclusions let me tell you that no- he's not a love child nor is he an illegitimate baby. He's someone I've chosen to adopt and sponsor until he's old enough to take care of himself. The boy's name is Anil and I happened to see his photo whilst I was browsing through World Vision’s website. There was something about his round innocent face that reached out to me and made me wanna sponsor him there and then. So yes, in that sense I guess I could actually say that he is my love child. 

Meet Anil. He’s only 2 years old…and sooo cute don’t you think?



A lot of people prefer to engage in their charities and causes in silence. They feel that publicizing their charitable act kind of takes away the real essence of giving. However, I’m all for talking about organizations such as World Vision and the great work that they do.  Whilst I shall never brag about the amount of money I donate or the time and effort that I put into the causes that I support, I do feel that it is my moral duty to  write about that wonderful feeling I get every time I engage in my little act of giving.  My reasons for writing about my cause is not to get acknowledged but to reach out to hundreds of other people, like me and hopefully inspire them to do whatever little or much they can.


Charity doesn’t necessarily consist of donating huge sums of money yourself. In fact my little experience tells me that there are several affluent people who are willing to donate  large sums of money to help others, however these people neither have the time nor the assurance that their donations will be channelized correctly for the needy. In this sense, charity could also mean us putting in our time and effort to bridge the gap between a potential donor and a needy person.

I also know there are a lot of people out there that want to help others but they just don’t know from where to begin. For those of you falling into this category, please take a moment to consider an NGO called World Vision India and the work it does.

World Vision is a humanitarian organization that is working to create  a lasting change in the lives of the under privileged children in India.  By sponsoring a child with a mere sum of Rs.600 (approx USD 12) per month helps improve their living conditions, educates them and shapes a better future for them.  Basically, how it works is that you pick a child and agree to sponsor him on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis (whatever works best with you) until he/she grows up to be an independent adult. The sponsorship is a long term commitment you make to a single child and it lasts anywhere between 5-10 years until the child is old/educated enough to function independently in the society. Over a period of time you tend to form a bond with the child you’ve chosen to sponsor as World Vision encourages youto write to the child, keep a track of his/her progress and even meet them if you desire. It is amazing how you can buy these children  an education and shape their future with a humble contribution of  a mere 600 rupees and some love.


I can’t wait to write to Anil and get to know all about him and his life. I am also super excited to see what he grows up to be one fine day with a little aid and lots of support from my side.  I find it so incredible that World Vision gives ordinary people like me the opportunity to change the gloomy future of a less fortunate child into a promising one.

I intend to write more about my relationship with Anil and his progress on this blog with the hope to inspire my fellow readers to sponsor a child too. ‘Coz I firmly believe that goodness is the only investment that never fails.

If you are engaged in any of such charitable causes, please share your experiences and inspire others too…

"I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do the something I can do." - Helen Keller