Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year And Newer Resolutions

1st Jan 2010. Today is the day I decide what I want to take with me in the next decade and what I wish to leave behind in 2009. Here are my resolutions for this year.

1. Save More and Shop Lesss : This is definitely the first priority on my list and probably the toughest to put into action. But I seriously don't think that I shall be needing one more pair of shoes for a long long time. Plus I am kind of  beginning to like the security and power a big fat account in the bank provides. 

2. Delegate More : Although I am blessed to have a fleet of help at home (a cook, a full time house-maid, a part time one and a driver), I somehow end up doing a lot of their work everyday. This leaves me completely exhausted (and at times a little cranky) by the end of the day. So, this year I plan to ensure that they remain responsible for their share of work and hopefully I shall delegate some of my chores to them as well.

3. Learn The Fine Art Of Saying No : I think it is high time I learn to say no to people in a nice, diplomatic manner instead of taking on more than I can chew on my plate.

4. To Not Please People At The Cost Of Displeasing Myself : This is partly connected to point no. 3. It is funny how many minor adjustments and sacrifices a woman ends up making after her marriage. However, I have come to realize that if I end up making people around me happy at the cost of myself, I shall become a very bitter person and in the long run end up making the same people around me unhappy. Which is why I plant to consciously prioritise my happiness a little more henceforth.

5. Exercise : I used to be such a work out fanatic before. But since the past year I have been unable to hit the gym regularly due to other demands at home and work. However, this year I resolve to exercise at least 3-4 times a week (even if it is a basic work-out at home) instead of vegetating on the bed in the evenings.

6. Learn Something New : Stock market trading, salsa dancing, web designing, yoga...the list is long and distinguished!

7. Acquire Multiple Exit Options : This is by far the most wonderful tip for dealing with stress which I have come across. Charlene in her blog The Balance Beam suggests the importance of having "Exit points". These points are basically things that will help you detach yourself from an unpleasant/stressful situation. As she wonderfully puts it "Think of 5 ways to change the view of your world in situations when you can't change your world." ...and I can't wait to implement this!

8. Read More - Less Internet : I spend infinite amount of time each day on the internet. While most of it is spent productively, a part of it is also spent on frequenting random, not the most helpful sites and pages on the web. This year I resolve to surf less and devote more time to books and go back to being the voracious reader that I once was.

9. Be Thankful : I resolve to be thankful for the little things in my life (not just the big ones) and to see God's blessings in the smallest of daily occurrences rather than wait for a big miracle to knock me off my feet.

10. Get Independent Get Responsible : While I like to think that I am pretty independent in most ways, I still think there's scope for some  improvement in this area and henceforth "I shall be the master of my ship and I shall be the captain of my soul". 

I don't know how many of my resolutions are going to make it past the first week of January. But I figure putting them down here in writing will help me stick to them for a longer time than my yesteryear resolutions. Here's wishing me luck!

p.s. I would love to know your 2010 resolutions as well. 


Charlene said...

I'm so honored that you included my tips in your list - thanks so much!! I'm also doing the P90X program if you REALLY want to go crazy. LOL!!!

Good luck with the rest of your list - some great goals here! Happy New Year! :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

Good luck with all your resolutions! My goals are to do something more with my writing...

quixotic.knight said...

My god, u got more busy than Gen Rommel in battlefield making these strategies :P...Nice ones...would have loved to read more on ur version of "exit points"

Anyways...I too am on the resolutions :

Persis said...

thank you ladies! i wish you many inspiring days to help you write blond duck =)

kunal, u know me, i've never been the one who just takes her days as they come :P p.s i loved ur resolutions...hope u get ur travels accomplished soon!

Persis said...

Would love to know more about the P90X program Charlene.

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Hey! 10 huh? I counted mine: 12! :P And more maybe! I'll publish mine soon!! I think a couple of our resolutions are same too! :P Good selection of pictures! Good luck honey with all them resolutions and for everything else and a happy twenty-ten again! xo

Anonymous said...

Great list!
Happy New Year!!

Charlene said...

Just checking in to see how those resolutions are going! :-)

{ Persis Shah } said...

oh thank you so much! i'd like to think i'm doing rather well. the spending is in check, the delegation and saying "no" leaves me a lot less tired and cranky. of course u can tell the less internet resolution is yet to be put into practice BUT acquiring those "exit options" (as suggested by u) is by far the best thing i've done for myself...they work like a miracle in no win situations!! Thank you! xo.

alessandra said...

This is the best resolutions list I've ever read.
And note that I don't like resolutions at all.

Coniqua said...

Great Resolutions, I think they are things that a lot of us need to work on. Now I just need to get some "people" to delegate to.

{ Persis Shah } said...

thank you ladies...ur appreciative comments ensure that i don't slack on following through with my resolutions this year =)